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Dan Lee from Boulder Boats explains how Winboats DMS has helped his business.


Check out Microsoft’s pilot commercial for their new PC tablet Surface Pro where they highlight Winboats DMS being used at WaterSports Central.

“The Winboats team is truly looking out for the best interest of the dealers! I would strongly recommend Winboats to any marine dealer looking to benefit their dealership.”
“Winboats package provides dealers with tools which are not normally available in one package. A great asset of the tool that many dealers use is the ability to create quotes on demand at boat shows.”
“I have heard our dealers talk about how great Winboats is for the last couple of years. Recently I had a chance to experience the software first-hand. I have to say that I was impressed. It does everything from professional customer quotes, to parts sales, to accounting and more.”
“Thanks to Winboats we have a more professional way to present pricing to our customers. It is also easier to track inventory in-house and keep track of all leads that come our way. Any salesperson can see exactly what was quoted to a customer in real time, which works well for us in a team environment. We waited a long time to make the switch to Winboats, our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!”
“The ROI on Winboats is phenomenal – additional sales with increased gross profit were seen within the first 60 days of using Winboats quoting. Once you switch to Winboats you will wish had switched sooner & you will never let your sales team quote any other way.”
“Winboats is easy to use & a very powerful sales tool. I really like how I can change a prospect quote within a few clicks of the mouse and all the pricing is set. The old way of pulling out a calculator, looking up the pricing and writing it on a quote sheet only leads to more questioning and negotiation from the prospect. By presenting a professional quote to my prospect there is less negotiation – it’s amazing!!!! You have to to try it. No kidding guys – since using Winboats my average commission has increased over 30%.”
“Winboats is super fantastic! I came from the copier business and a system like this would have cost us over 10 times as much as Winboats. I’m not a real computer guy and I learned how to use Winboats in a few hours and in the two years I been using it I have only had a couple of questions. In short, Winboats helps me look professional and sell more boats.”
“Winboats is an asset and a necessity for our business. It keeps our sales team all on the same page. We appreciate all the help this program offers.”