The Most Uniquely Powerful Marine Dealership Management System
"The Winboats team is truly looking out for the best interest of the dealers! I would strongly recommend Winboats to any marine dealer looking to benefit their dealership."

- Matt Meuller, Minnesota Inboard -

"Winboats is easy to learn and easy to operate! We love what Winboats has done for our dealership!"

- Gainesville Marina -

"Minnesota Inboard has run three different boat sales point of purchase programs in the last 20 years before we purchased Winboats Sales, Service and accounting software."

- Joe Mueller, Minnesota Inboard -

"Winboats is an asset and a necessity for our business. It keeps our sales team all on the same page. We appreciate all the help this program offers."

- John and Sherrill Simpson, River City Marine -

Winboats has allowed our sales staff, management and owners a better understanding and ease in dealing with our day to day operations
and allowing all 3 locations to be on the same page.

- Joe Mueller, Minnesota Inboard -



Winboats is the Most Powerful Software for your Marine Dealership

Thank you for your interest in Winboats Dealership Management Systems. Winboats originated from within a boat dealership as a computer system sales quoting tool and over the past 10+ years, Winboats has evolved into a complete Marine Dealership Management System.


Most Dealership Management Systems originated as a service tool therefore offer very little, if any, sales functionality. The major difference in Winboats is the ability to provide customized boat building and pricing, all integrated with Customer Relations Management functions. Winboats has helped Marine Dealerships throughout the US, Canada and Mexico achieve monumental success by selling more boats, services, parts, accessories all at increased margins. (Many of these are Boating Industry Top 100 Dealers)


As you navigate through our website, you will experience the Winboats difference and begin to understand why so many Marine Dealerships are switching to Winboats every day.



 What makes Winboats Dealership Management System different ?



                                             Why is Winboats the BEST Marine Dealership Computer System?



  • No per seat or per user fee - We encourage all your employees to use Winboat. Isn't that the reason you are purchasing a DMS? 
  • A low cost value alternative - Our modules are a fraction of the cost of competitors systems. And when we find a better way to do something and make a change to Winboats we push those improvements out to you via the web as soon as the change is made.
  • Designed to help your team sell boats - Winboats started as a sales tool and even though Winboats now offers a complete Sales, Service, Parts, Accessory & Wake Shop feature packed system we have never lost focus on Sales.
  • Easy to use - This is very important because most other systems are not used to their potential, due to a lack of understanding the functionality and the frustration level of employees. If a tool is not being used how can it help you?
  • Designed by Boat Dealers for Boat Dealers - Winboats originated out of the needs of a boat dealership and after many years of input from many boat store owners, managers and various personnel, Winboats has become the DMS of choice as the best Marine Dealership Computer Operating System.


Here are a few samples of Winboats reports you will use. Click to View Full Size:


...and much... much more.

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